Assess, Report, and Monitor Assets in Real-Time Utilizing the CIA's CARVER Methodology

CARVER+ is an innovative risk and vulnerability assessment software system which brings your security assessments to life using the CIA's CARVER Target Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment Methodology.  Not only does it write your reports for you, but it also allows them to become living entities, providing 24/7 monitoring from anywhere in the world. 


The problem with traditional vulnerability assessments...

  • Traditional vulnerability assessments can be one dimensional and singularly reactive
  • Varying experience levels of assessors can lead to subjectivity
  • Checklists can be cumbersome and report writing tedious
  • Threats are never mutually exclusive
  • Lack of standardization across facilities leads to inconsistent findings
  • Budgets can become misaligned due to poor communication
  • Assessment are typically a snapshot in time which quickly become obsolete

The solution to doing ten times more for ten times less!

CARVER+ is a Predictive Analysis risk and vulnerability assessment tool for large organizations that provides an iOS and Android based mobile app for physical security professionals, risk managers, Chief Information Security Officers, and facilities/operations directors.  It incorporates a web-based program management platform for senior leadership to monitor their organization’s critical assets and global facilities via a color-coded, speedometer-based, dashboard.  Simply put, CARVER+ is the future of assessments.

Quickly perform assessments on your phone or tablet

Conduct large-scale threat and vulnerability assessments, complete with Design-Basis-Threats, Pair-Wise Comparisons, as well as your own internal checklists, from the palm of your hand.

Write a beautiful report in a fraction of the time of traditional assessments 

The days of writing a 50-100 page security assessment report are over.  No longer will assessments, complete with graphs and photos, take you three-weeks to write.  Now, you can deliver that same 100-page report in 3 hours.

Monitor your facilities - as a living assessment -from anywhere at anytime

Monitor your global facilities from your laptop 24 hours per day with a color-coded dashboard, complete with email and text alert notifications.

Read About the Future of Vulnerability Assessments

Learn how the security industry - particularly in regards to critical infrastructure protection - has been radically disrupted by both technology and the global pandemic.  Read about CARVER+'s role in this revolution.


CARVER+ Supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine

CARVER+ instructors recently returned from another successful trip to Kyiv, where we have teamed up with the Armed Forces of Ukraine by providing them with our "CARVER+ Tactical" software.  This streamlined program is geared towards the warfighter and is not currently available to our commercial clients. 

Monitor All of Your Organization's Global Facilities and Assets in Real-Time Using a State-of-the-Art Dashboard! 

With CARVER+, your ability to track your assessed infrastructure continues long after you have conducted your vulnerability assessment.  Stay quickly informed with our easy to read and manipulate global facility dashboard.


"CARVER+ provided my team a systematic way for conducting an effective, efficient and accurate vulnerability assessment.  Having the ability to use a mobile app in the field, rather than cumbersome checklists - allowed for less time on the ground - which resulted in generating increased ROI.  CARVER+ is an innovative security platform that needs to be incorporated into all security postures."

- Philip O'Sullivan, Chief Security Officer, BlackTier 

Because CARVER+ is continuously populated with quantitative information, use it to track your assets across the globe.

Logistics Management

If you're like most global security and risk managers, you may require daily updates on the status of logistical supplies and/or vendor deliverables.  Utilizing the CARVER+ dashboard is a great way to track upcoming events, monitor delinquent shipping items, or receive notifications of actions that are past due.  The internal communications system sends alerts to both your email and phone to ensure that your team never drops the ball.  



In conclusion, the key benefits of CARVER+ are as follows:

  • Dramatically cuts down vulnerability assessment times
  • Instantly generates high-quality assessment reports, with formatted pictures, in a customized template
  • Standardizes your assessments regardless of team member experience levels utilizing the CIA's CARVER Methodology
  • Manages your facilities with an easy-to-track visual dashboard
  • Allows your team to communicate more efficiently
  • Automatically sends alert notifications for actions that are past due
  • Helps prioritize/justify your security budget
  • Allows you perform an assessment, write a report, and track your facilities for just a few hundred dollars per month!