CARVER+ is loaded with practical features, meant to help you streamline the workload of security assessors, site supervisors, and Chief Security officers. 

Conduct assessments more efficiently than ever before... and keep them alive 24/7!

Security professionals and risk managers across the world are still using cumbersome paper checklists in the field when conducting vulnerability assessments, leading to inaccurate reporting and assets not being evaluated.  Security professionals who are not experienced with conducting vulnerability assessments are unable to complete the checklists accurately, have difficulty communicating their findings and are incapable of making wise and fair judgements based on solid facts.

CARVER+ provides a systematic way to conduct efficient, effective, & consistent vulnerability assessments, allows for strategic supervision oversight and the ability to track/monitor identified vulnerabilities in real-time for all Critical Infrastructure Sectors.

1 - Redesigned Mobile App

CARVER+ was developed using a Microsoft cross-functional platform that delivers high performance and custom user interface designs.

2 - Android or iOS Device Compatible

App is available for download in the Google Play and Apple stores.

3 - Enhanced Encryption

App adequately protects data at rest and in transit, meeting organizational security requirements.

4 - Saving Assessment Data

System automatically saves every keystroke, guaranteeing no critical data will be lost.

5 - Reduced Time on Site

App allows multiple assessors to work on the same assessment together while sharing real-time data.

6 - Cybersecurity Assessment

CARVER+ allows users to assess organizational physical security controls via NIST 800-53 and ISO 270001 checklists.

7 - Security Checklist

Platform includes Yes/No/NA security questions that are used to assist with obtaining critical assessment information. 

8 - Facility Conditions

CARVER+ includes the ability for organizations to assess the functional performance of facility assets.  

9 - Web-Based Backend

An innovative back-end feature allows organizational Directors to monitor critical infrastructure.

10 - Secure Setup

Customers are provided their own compartmentalized customized build of CARVER+ that resides on the Azure Secure Cloud.

11 - Cost Effective

CARVER+ reduces organizational travel budgets, as assessors can assist with conducting an assessment in real-time via the web-based backend from home or office.

12 - Proven Methodologies

CARVER+ is the only security management platform that includes the CARVER Methodology for providing quantitative assessment results and Asset Prioritization Matrices.


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